We recommend that you call us to talk specifics about your project.

Can I supply my own material or must I use DSR’s material?

Either. When it comes to wholesale CNC work, some clients provide their own material. We will want to examine the material in person before committing to a job. Please remember to account for a potential test route and some waste when providing your own material. On the dimensional signage side of the business, DSR often is the provider of material. Signage projects generally entail many steps in production and we do prefer to utilize material that we supply as we can attest to the quality of the materials.

How much will my project cost?

There are many factors that determine a project’s cost. Material, complexity of design and artwork provided are a few of the factors. Please call us to discuss your particular project.

Do you offer signage installation?

We can work with you on the “How To’s” of installation but as a wholesaler, we do not complete the actual installation. If installation is needed, we can assist in finding a company to accommodate your needs.

Artwork – Vector art is required:

  • Vector artwork is an image created by way of points and paths. The artwork is then scaleable and editable.
  • Common vector formats include AI, EPS, PDF, SVT, (2D files), and STL (3D Files).
  • If using CAD files (DWG, DXF) lines and arcs, forming objects, must be joined before submitting artwork.
  • Fonts & Strokes must be outlined.
  • Files must be in CMYK (If there is anything to be printed). Please state PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors (provide the actual numbers) or spot colors used.
  • Scale artwork to full size if possible.
  • Understand that raster images can be placed into Adobe Illustrator – just because you have an AI, EPS, or PDF file, that does not automatically guarantee it will work. Placed images must either be embedded into the file or included as a separate attachment.

* Failure to submit the proper artwork files stated above could result in an artwork charge.