HDU Signs

When it comes to dimensional exterior signs, HDU is recommended when compared to wood.

HDU is a great, stable material for signage that requires dimension. Due to its closed cell construction, the material is not susceptible to water penetration, will not rot or crack, has great temperature stability, and holds paints/stains much better than wood.

HDU can be finished in countless ways. From sandblasted pebble and grain frame finishes to custom routed textures, your imagination is the only limitation.

The signs can be finished single or double sided. Commonly, the signs can be produced from 1”, 1.5”, and 2” stock, but a thicker sign panel is also an option.

Differences in dimensions:


These are flat signs that typically are composed of a background panel and then either cut vinyl lettering or a digital print applied to the panel.  These are smooth panels.  There is no noticeable dimension


This type of sign typically has raised elements (borders, text, art) or recessed elements (borders, text, art).  The most common form of a 2.5D sign is an HDU panel that has a raised border and text with a recessed background.  2.5D signs can have different “plateau” levels, they would just not have a smooth/curved elevation change


This is a true, smooth/continuous curved elevation change.  When it comes to signage, this is typically a bas-relief image on the face of a sign.