CNC Routing & 3D Carving

With our state of the art routing equipment, we can accurately & efficiently cut, engrave, drill, and 3D carve: Plastics, foams, wood & aluminum.

Here at Dimensional Signage Resource, we supply a large range of routing services to our customers.  Using our state of the art software, and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Routing Equipment we are able to Drill, Cut, and Carve a large array of different materials.  As a customer, you are welcome to bring in your own materials to be cut or for your convenience, we can supply them for you.

Our Equipment gives us the ability to create 3 dimensions carvings that would otherwise be near impossible by hand.  Not only is routing a much faster way to create these dimensional works of art, but it is extremely precise in process.  This means that you won’t have to compromise the design you want no matter how detailed it is.  The tight tolerances that our equipment is capable of, gives us the ability to replicate multiples, of the same item, within +/- 0.001″

Whether you are looking for large signage or a name plate for a door, we have you covered.  No job is too big, or too small.

If you have questions about what we can do for your business please reach out to us.  Click on the contact link below for ways to get in touch.